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Posted By Admin on 03/20/19

Lol, made you look? It’s a dildo of course, but it would certainly have been a first for me. I don’t think I could watch that though, imagine that flimsy damn thing broke in her ass, oh gawd.

Lesbians do need to get a little creative don’t they. I mean, the don’t have the tools naturally for penetration and as such they need to come up with ways to cater for that. As I write that and give it some thought I kind of wonder if ‘need to’ is the best way to think about it. Perhaps they actually have the freedom to come up with all kinds of other things, so that it’s a perk rather than a challenge.

Chatting openly to lesbians about what goes on in the bedroom is not something I’ve had the pleasure of doing. Although I have had some lesbian friends, they were not sluts and their bedroom antics were as private to them as the next couples’.

That’s not the case here at all and these lesbian porn videos are free at as well.

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